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A stand-alone utility to securely erase your confidential files.

Compunigma's ZAP 1.0 is a simple utility program running on any 32bit MS Windows platform that permits the user to delete files safely - safe in the sense of denying any subsequent reconstitution of the erased data.

ZAP is a stand-alone application with no installation required. Just place a copy of ZAP on your desktop, and run it. It can thus be used on any computer that you have access to, without having to have administrative privileges that are usually required when you have to install a program. It can also run from any removable media (diskette, CD, etc), so that you can always have a working copy of ZAP availiable wherever you go.

Information in files deleted with ZAP will be lost permanently, with no simple means of recovery, unless you have access to a specially equipped laboratory that can take the disk apart and perform some very advanced (and mostly classified) techniques like Magnetic Force Scanning Tunneling Microscopy. So be careful when you use it.


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